User Registration confirmation email sends to the wrong Email

A person may have registered online, but the confirmation email was sent to the Primary Email. Instead of sending to the email they registered with, it was sent to the Primary Email listed on their constituent record.
If a patron already has a constituent record in Altru and registers for web forms they would need to confirm that registration through the primary email address that exist on the constituent's record

Steps to Duplicate

  1. From Web > Click User Registration Settings
  2. Copy and Paste the Registration Link into a new tab in your browser
  3. Enter the following information on the form and ensure that it matches an existing constituent record in the database
    1. First Name
    2. Last Name
    3. Address
    4. City
    5. State
    6. Zip
    7. Phone
  4. Enter a new email address on the form
  5. Enter and Confirm the Password
  6. Click Register
  7. See that the validation email sent to the Primary Email Address on that Constituent's record and not the email address entered when registering


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