Fundraiser on the GO prospect lists include prospects that have been end-dated.

If you view a prospect list in Fundraiser on the GO prospect list include prospects that have been end-dated it still appears on the list.
The expectation is that prospect managers will continue to appear for prospects in Fundraiser on the Go until such time that either the prospect manager history is removed or the prospect manager has been reassigned to a different prospect. 

Steps to Duplicate

1. Login to BBCRM.
2. Link your user to a constituent that has a Fundraising constituency associated with their record.
3. Add yourself as a prospect manager to a record, by navigating to that constituents record, going to the prospect tab, 
4. Click the Prospect team sub-tab.
5. Click Edit Prospect Manger, Make yourself a prospect manager.
6.Give yourself an end date.
7. Go to the prospect functional area.
8. Click Fundraiser on the go.
9. Paste the url into a browser.
10. Note that the end dated constituent still appears.


 Blackbaud CRM

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