How to edit an existing custom profile field

How to edit an existing Custom Profile Field or Custom Event Field in Blackbaud Sphere for use in forms and events

Custom Profile Fields and Custom Event Fields are available on events and profile records. These are used to store additional information that is relevant to the section they are located on.

Custom Profile Fields are used to store information just on the Contacts Record. These can be used to track information that is important about the person outside of an event.
Examples of Custom Profile Fields include:
  • Favorite Color
  • Vegan
  • Pet Owner
Custom Event Fields are used to store information that is more relevant about the event, and is stored just on the event. These pieces of information are kept on the transaction in the event and are considered temporary, in that these are not stored permanently on the Contacts > Individuals record like the Custom Profile Fields above.
Examples of Custom Event Fields include:
  • Seat Preference
  • Will you be bringing your own lunch?
  • Do you require a voucher for this event?
  1. Navigate to Contacts > Database Management > Field Management > Manage Custom Fields.
  2. Expand the folder where the specific field should be created (Custom Profile Fields or Custom Event Field)
  3. Locate the field and click edit 
  4. Once edited click Save.

The custom field(s) can now be added to forms as needed.


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