A member is not getting renewal notices because the membership is marked to send them to the giver.

I need to change who the renewal notices go to, but there is no "Edit Renewal Information" option in the Other Tasks area. If a membership is given as a gift with the giver receiving the renewal notices, once the member renews for themselves, the renewal notice will still send to the giver, and it's unchangeable, even though it's no longer a gift membership.
To resolve this issue you will need to change the membership back to a gift membership, change the renewal recipient, and then turn the gift membership status back off

1. Search for the Member who can't receive renewal notices. Click the name of the Membership program on their Constituent Record.
2. From here, click Other tasks, and select Make Membership a Gift.
3. It will ask who will receive the renewal notices and who it's a gift from. Fill these out, and make sure the Primary Member gets the renewals. 
4. Once that's done, click Other Tasks again.
5. Select to Remove Gift Status.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Go to Sales>Daily Sales
  2. Search for a constituent that will be the Giver. 
  3. Click Memberships... and select Give a Membership
  4. Search for the Recipient, fill out the information for a membership
  5. Make sure to send the Renewal Notice to the Giver. 
  6. Complete the transaction.
  7. Go into Advance Sales.
  8. Search for the Recipient, click Renew next to this membership, and then complete the order


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