Address Finder is removing apostrophes from city names

Users may find that apostrophes are being removed from cities when clicking the "Validate" button on the Add Individual Form and Edit Address Form on constituent records.
This is the expected result received from the US Postal service which has this address listed without an apostrophe which is why it is removed upon validation.  Should users want to keep the apostrophes they'll need to exclude these addresses from validation.  Users can also see how these addresses get returned from the US Postal service by following the steps outlined in KB 75347

Steps to Duplicate

1) Navigate to Constituents > Add Individual
2) Fill out the last name field.
3) Fill in the address fields using a city with an apostrophe in the name and click "Validate".
4) Note that the apostrophe has been removed from the city name.


 Blackbaud CRM

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