What's the last date I can adjust the billing?

Most schools receive billing for incidental items throughout the school year.  The best business practice is to update the billing before the invoices are emailed/mailed to families.  If an item is added to the billing after the invoice generation date, the families will not receive an updated invoice automatically.  A modified invoice will be required.  This is usually not a good experience for the families and will sometimes leave them confused as what to pay.  The invoice generation template provides the required timelines for processing billing.
The Invoice Due Date template provides school a resource for planning school billing.  Enter the payment due date Your Due Date column.  Invoices are typically generated 20 days before the Invoice Due date.  If that is different, change the 20 to the appropriate number of days.  

Your Due Date - this is the family's payment due date
Invoice Delivery Days Prior To Due Date - number of days prior to the due date.  ie. Due date 1st of month, invoices are sent 10th of prior month
Billing sent to Smart - if incidental billing is sent to Smart, date Smart must receive
Invoice Generation Date - Invoices are sent Monday and Thursdays for mail in payment families. The columns in yellow specify the actual invoice generation date

Note:  Families with automatic payments will receive debit reminder 10 days before their payment date.
  Invoice Due Dates Template.xlsx

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