After upgrade to SP14 Solicit code comments area is smaller and there is no pop up warning "The length of 'Comments' cannot exceed 100 characters.

An upgrade to CRM 4.0 SP14 has resulted in Solicit code comments changes:
The size of the box for comments is smaller.
There is still a 100 character limit however there is no longer a pop up warning "The length of 'Comments' cannot exceed 100 characters."
The comments field in the database allows 100 characters.  The field on the form does not allow more than the 100 characters that are allowed in the database.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Go to a Constituent
  2. Click Communications tab
  3. Under Communications click Preferences
  4. In Solicit codes click Add
  5. Select a Solicit code from the drop down
  6. In Comments type in any combination of 100+ characters
  7. Notice no pop up warning. Notice smaller Comments box than previous versions.
  8. Note this happens for Assigning a Solicit code as well as Editing a Solicit code.


 Blackbaud CRM
 4.0 (Service Pack 14)

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