Constant Contact Opt Out field is missing

Where an organization has a Constant Contact integration with eTapestry, a User cannot set up a query for those constituents opted out through Constant Contact. The Constant Contact Opt Out field does not appear to be available in criteria selection, or in query preview additional columns.
The User Defined Field, Constant Contact Opt Out may have been disabled by a User.
Please try these steps to re-enable the field:
- Log into eTapestry
- Select Management > User Defined Fields
- Under the Tasks menu, select Show Disabled Fields
- Then in the Find box, type Constant and click the magnifying glass to search for the field
- Select the Disabled link below the Constant Contact Opt Out field to enable it
Once the UDF is enabled, you will be able to create a query per these steps: 

Steps to Duplicate

  1. From the Management tab, select User Defined Fields
  2. Under the Tasks heading, enter Constant Contact into the Find box and click on the magnifying glass.
  3. A warning box will appear telling you that nothing matches your search criteria.



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