Setup.exe prompt Shows an Upgrade to the Same Version that FIMS is Currently on Instead of New Version

When upgrading using the setup.exe the prompt shows an upgrade from for example from 14.44 to 14.44 rather than 14.44 to 14.50 as expected if you are upgrading FIMS to a new version.
This has been resolved in version 14.60


Steps to Duplicate

1. On the FIMS server, launch the 14.50 setup.exe

2. Follow the steps documented in the Installation Instructions for 14.50:

3.  When getting to step 14 in the documentation, you will see that the message reads "You are converting from version 14.44 to 14.44" rather than the expected message, "You are converting from 14.44 to 14.50"

4. Click to proceed past step 14 and complete all steps in the document to step 19
5. Log into FIMS to check the version and note that it still reads 14.44 as the current version and not 14.50.



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