Error retrieving suggestions from DonorCentral Unable to Open File Temp Files SC Pro10 when Importing Suggestions from DCNXT for Hosted Customers

When attempting to import grants from Donor Central the error, "Error retrieving suggestions from DonorCentral. Unable to open File: \\hostnetworkfolder\foldername\foldername\foldername\tempfiles\SC_Prog10_filename.json" occurs. Additionally, the error, "Error parsing JSON: unexpected token: brace. (15360)" can occur along with the first error.

This occurs for those users on HostNet.

This issue was caused by a download directory setting being set for the user in user preferences. Hosted customers should not have user preferences set for the DC download directory. Make sure that there are no user preferences set for the download directory. If there are user preferences there, remove them and then re-try importing.

Since HostNet customers have been upgraded to Progress 11, this error should no longer occur.





Steps to Duplicate

1. Tools >System Utilities > Donor Central > Retrieve Suggestions from Donor Central
2. Error message occurs



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