Stock payments not mapping correctly to General Ledger

While working in Altru you may notice that your stock payments aren't mapping correctly. Transactions with a stock loss may show as a stock gain on the GL distribution tab of the payment
When entering stock gifts into Altru the total amount of the payment must equal the number of units multiplied by the median amount. When that amount is set up correctly Altru will apply the correct stock mapping types.

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Steps to Duplicate

  1. Click Constituents > Constituent Search 
  2. Search for and select the constituent
  3. Click Add payment
  4. Add an amount
  5. Add a designation and click the add button
  6. Change the payment method to stock 
  7. Set the number of units to 1
  8. Add a median amount that is incorrect (Amount doesn't equal number of units x median amount)
  9. Click save
  10. On the payment record click sell stock
  11. Enter a sale amount less than the original amount > click save


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