Table Entries Do Not Delete When Using Table Cleanup

When using the Table Cleanup Process in Config > Tables and choosing to delete the tables, the tables do not delete after the process is complete. 
If you are using the current version of The Raiser's Edge and encounter this issue, please chat with support and be prepared to provide the following:

Steps to Duplicate

1.  Login to Raiser's Edge
2.  Click on Config > Tables > Solicit Code
3.  Click on Table Cleanup
4.  Under "Solicit Code table entries to be replaced", select any table from the drop-down menu
5.  Next to "Replace with" select any table from the drop-down menu
6.  Check the box for "Delete table entries that are not being replaced
7.  Click Replace Now
8.  The process completes with all of the table entries successfully being deleted, however, the table itself does not delete


 Raiser's Edge

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