Selecting the trash can icon will result in the equivalent of the 'Scheduling Error' reason, and will completely remove the course from the student's record.

Selecting either 'Drop' or 'Transfer' will leave a record that the course was dropped.

If the trash can (scheduling error) is not available, the reasons can be:
  1. The student has grades/ comments in the course
  2. The student has had attendance taken in this course
However, there are areas outside of Schedule Maker that ignore the second reason and will allow you to use the 'Scheduling Error' reason (leave no record of enrollment) regardless of attendance having been taken.

These are:
  • Academics > People Finder (search and select student) > Enrollment > Manage (to the right of the term to edit) 
  • Extracurricular> Group Finder >  Open the class> Academics > Select Roster> Select Manager Roster