Unable to find Charity when Searching in a Recommendation Form in Donor Central NXT

When searching for a charity in the recommendation form in Donor Central NXT the name will not appear in the list if you type in the first word of the name of the charity even if the grantee has the appropriate Donor Central affiliation code. For example, if you are looking for SC Veterans Charity and you type in SC, the charity will not appear in the list. However, if you type in Veterans or Charity it will appear. 
This issue is caused by there being a limit of 25 organizations in the result set. Please contact support and we can reach out to internal resources to address this for you.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Log into Donor Central
2. Click on Recommendation\New Recommendation
3.  In the Charity search field type in the name of the charity
4. Note that no results appear.



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