Why did a Teacher Recommendation upload to the wrong checklist step?

Our checklist requires 2 Teacher Recommendations. The first one that we processed updated the wrong step, and now we are not able to process the second file.
This is typically due to the two steps having identical names. If both steps have the exact same name, the system cannot determine for which step the file is being processed.

To correct this navigate to the candidate's profile using the People Finder in onBoard. In the Record tab find the existing recommendation file and click the edit pencil. Use the "Checklist Step:" dropdown to select the other step. This will allow you to process the remaining file submission.                                                                              
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It is a good idea to change the names of the steps to be unique, such as Letter of Recommendation 1. You can then choose to apply this change to all existing candidates that have that checklist.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Navigate to onBoard  
  2. Select File Submissions from the Process menu
  3. Click Process
  4. Error "The file cannot be processed as a file has already been added for (Checklist step name)                                                                                User-added image

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