Donor Central Upload Scheduled Task is not Producing Results when Run

When the DC Upload scheduled task runs, nothing happens, no files are exported out to the eAdvisor\History folder and no file is created in the eAdvisor\FTP folder. No error occurs on the scheduled task however, it runs and then finishes but does not actually do anything.
To resolve complete the following. Note, these steps are only for the exact scenario outlined in the description. These steps are not for if the scheduled task does not run at all which would be a different set of troubleshooting steps:

1. Make sure that the setup for Donor Central Uploads located in Tools\System Utilities\Donor Central\Setup Donor Central Upload contains the full paths to all files, not just a file or folder name:

2. Go to Donor Central Options\Editor tab\Nightly section located in Tools\System Utilities\Donor Central\Donor Central Options and make sure that the data in the nightly section on the top in the Editor text box matches what is in Setup Donor Central Upload and matches the scheduled task name, time, and scheduled task user.

3. If both of the sections in steps 1 and 2 match and still the scheduled task does not produce results when running, then do the following:
  • Go to the properties of the scheduled task and change the setting on the General tab to 'Run only when user is logged on'. Per Microsoft, any kind of interactive task that has a user interface will not run with the setting 'Run whether user is logged on or not' even if that user is logged in. This means that the account under which the scheduled task is being run must be logged in at the time the task is scheduled for the task to run successfully.

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