I have some payments that are not mapping correctly

We set up a new payment method and defined how we wanted the payments to map but merchandise are mapping against the wrong GL code
Verify that the mapping is not showing an Alias for the Account, as the Alias specified for the account will show on the GL Distributions tab of the orders or payments. 
  1. Click Financials > Click General Ledger Setup under Administration
  2. Click Define GL Accounts
  3. Search for the account number that is showing in the GL distribution
  4. Verify it isn't the Account Alias for the same account number that it's supposed to be

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Click Administration > General Ledger Setup
  2. Click Define Transaction Mappings > Click on the Ticketing Office
  3. Click on the Payments tab > Click add
  4. Enter your debit and credit accounts
  5. Change your revenue type to Merchandise
  6. Change the payment method to "other" 
  7. Change the Other Subtype to one specific payment method
  8. Click save
Process a Merchandise transaction for that specific payment method
  1. Click Sales > Daily sales
  2. Click on the merchandise button
  3. Search for and select a merchandise item > click save
  4. Click on the Other payment method button > choose the other payment method that you defined in the transaction mapping
  5. Complete the payment
Review the Order record
  1. Click Sales > order search
  2. Search for and select the order
  3. Click on the Payments tab > click on the payment date link
  4. Click on the GL Distributions tab
  5. Notice that the debit account does not match the account set up in the ticketing office of the GL


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