RE NXT Analyze view displays the wrong currency

When you change the currency of your browser so it changes the currency in NXT, the Analyze section of NXT keeps the currency as GBP where as other areas of NXT change the currency to the browser language
Your browser settings doesn't have any effect towards the currency displayed in Analyze view. 

Contact Support and reference this article if your currency is displaying incorrectly in Analyze view. 

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Change the language/region of your browser to be (for example) Sweden (uses the currency Krona)
  2. Wait a while for the currency to be picked up (for some reason NXT does not pick up the currency immediately, it takes a while for it to pick up)
  3. Check a constituent record who has gifts to ensure the currency symbol is kr for Krona
  4. Go to Fundraising -> Work
  5. Observe the currency is GBP (£) and not Krona (kr)

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