Cash payments can be made at participating 7-Eleven, CVS pharmacies or Family Dollar stores. Attached is a flyer you may distribute to your families.
To make cash payments:
1. The family would login to their account at:
2.Select Pay My Bill
3. Select  Cash at Partner Location
4. Select the store icon 
5. Enter your zipcode and click Set It
    Note:  A list of participating stores will populate on in a new window. You can choose to select a different store by going back to the Smart Tuition window or use your browser's back button.
6. Click on Pay on the location you would like to use.
7. Click Print to print out a barcode or select Mobile if you want to download the barcode on your phone.
8. Take the barcode and your cash to the location. Be sure to include the processing fee.
9. Once the payment is accepted at the location, it will be applied to your Smart Tuition account.