How can I Manually Create a FIMS Database Backup Apart from the Scheduled Task that Runs?

I would like to create a backup for the FIMS database and do not want to wait for the scheduled task to run, how can I do that?
To create a a FIMS backup, you can run the following Progress tool. You should still have your scheduled backups in place though, see the following article for creating scheduled backups:

1. Go Start\all Programs\OpenEdge
2. Click and open the Proenv tool
3. Change the prompt to be able to see what folder you are currently in using the following command:  Prompt ProEnv $p$g
You will then see what folder you are currently in. FIMS may be located in a different path on your machine other than C drive:

4. Change to the dbfiles folder. Using cd command for example: Cd d:\npo\found\dbfiles  (the drive letter of course will be different for each customer)
Can also use cd /d if changing the directory and disk. For example, if in c:\program files, can use cd /d d:\npo.

5. Make a backup of the live FIMS database using the following command:
Probkup online found ..\dbbackup\found-backupfilename.bkp  (For this step, you may need to put in the explicit path to dbbackup for example C:\dbbackup\

Double check in the dbbackup folder located in \npo\found\DBBackup that the backup was created and also be sure to include the file located in \npo\found\dbfiles with the database backup if you are sending data to Blackbaud support as development will need that file to restore the database. We will also need the NPO password as well.




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