With required discounts not giving the best deal and displaying correctly

With required purchase discounts don't give the best deal when applied. They are also not displaying correctly on web forms
Altru's with required purchase discounts will discount the item of lesser or equal value. 

Steps to Duplicate

Create a With required purchase discount that applies to all price types
  1. Click Tickets > Ticket and merchandise discounts > click add
  2. Choose With Required Purchase
  3. Give the Discount a name and click on the Purchase Details tab
  4. Under "Purchase These items"
    1. Make sure the item type is tickets
    2. Quantity at full price is 1
    3. Price type is any price type
  5. Under "Get Discount on these Items"
    1. Make sure Item type is tickets
    2. Quantity discounted is set to specific quantity and the value is 1
    3. Change the calculation type to percent off
    4. Change the price type to any price type with a value of 100
  6. Click on the Programs tab and add a program
  7. Click save
Apply the discount in  Advance sales
  1. Click sales > Advance Sales
  2. Click on the create order tab
  3. Click on the name of the program
  4. Add a quantity of 1 for two different price types. ex. 1 adult and 1 child
  5. Click add to order
  6. Click on the Discounts and Promotions button > click apply discount or promotion
  7. Choose the discount 
  8. Click save


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