The total in question is found when clicking on the Revenue figure to view the fly-in list, exporting this list to Excel, and summing the Gift Amount field there. If the Revenue figure has any campaign, fund, and/or appeal filters AND split gifts are included in the Revenue total, then total in Excel will be higher due to splits. This is because the list/export shows the entire gift amount and not the specific list.

Marking stock gifts as gift type "stock/property sold" and using the "Use sale amount for sold stock" checkbox can also cause this type of discrepancy. 

To locate split gifts that are contributing to the difference:
  1. Navigate to Fundraising > Analyze > Overview in the RE NXT Web View.
  2. Apply the desired campaign, fund, and/or appeal filters.
  3. Click on the Revenue figure.
  4. When the list flies in, click on Create list at the top.
  5. On the List, click Save > In Database View as a static query.
  6. Name and save the query.
  7. Switch to the Database View > Query and open the query saved in steps 5 and 6.
  8. On the Criteria tab, add filters to find split gifts. (Note: These filters should match the selected filters in the Web View Analyze.) The criteria will be among:
    • Gift Information> Campaign List contains ; (semicolon)
    • Gift Information> Appeal List contains ; (semicolon)
    • Gift Information> Fund List contains ; (semicolon)
  9. Review the criteria in step 8. If more than one filter (line) is present, then ensure AND is between them to match Web View.
  10. Review soft credits and matching gifts at Tools > Query Options > Gift processing tab. Set soft credit to Donor and matching gift to Company to match Web View.
  11. On the Output tab, select some gift field tabs (such as Gift Information > Gift Amount, Gift Date, etc.).
  12. Click on Results tab. If any results show, click on the row to open the gift.
  13. Click on the Split Gift tab. Review the split amounts there. Note any splits that match the filters in the Web View. Add up these amounts from the gift(s). Then subtract this amount/total from the total in the Excel spreadsheet. This figure should match the Analyze Revenue amount.
If this amount or other amounts still do not match, please refer to the following: