How to claim Gift Aid

For UK organisations it is possible to claim for gift aid in eTapestry and then have a file that can be used to export for HMRC. To do so a Gift Aid mass update needs to be done to be able to export a file of the relevant transactions for HMRC.

Be aware that you cannot claim Gift Aid on all Gift Types:
Please find here on the UK Government Website on what you cannot claim Gift Aid For:  
First you'll create a query on Gift Aid Able Donations:
  • Click into Queries
  • Click into Manage Queries
  • Create New Category- Name this ‘Gift Aid’
  • In your new category, create new query
  • Name your Query ‘Gift Aid able Donations’
  • Select Starting Query Category to be: Base
  • Query: All journal Entries
  • Data return: Journal Entries
  • Criteria: Match all criteria
  • For the fields select: 
    • Transaction Gift Aid Ready- Yes
    • Journal Entry Types- Gift, Payment, Split Transaction, Recurring Gift
    • Transaction Gift Types- Cash, Credit/ Debit Card, Cheque, Electronic Funds Transfer, Direct Debit Ø Account Type Constituent- Individual: 
  • Once you pull these fields out- Click Save and Preview. 
**Be aware that you may have more Journal Entries in your Query results than there should be. You will see a more accurate result of how many Gift Aid able Donations there should be in the Preview Report in your Gift Aid Mass Update**

Next you'll do the mass update:
  • Click into Management then Mass Updates
  • Select the Gift Aid mass update
  • Select your Gift Aid able Donations Query
  • Click Next
  • Review the report of donations that will be updated, at this point any transactions that don't have a valid Gift Aid declaration will be removed. 
  • Once happy with the donations being updated click next to perform the update. It's important to note that once the mass update has been ran there is no mass update option top reverse this, you would have to remove the Gift Aid from each transaction individually if a mistake is made, so always double check the information is acurate before running the update.
  • Click OK.   
Now the transactions have been updated the next step is to create a second query to export the information for HMRC:
  • Click into your Gift Aid Category 
  • Click New Query
  • Name this Query Gift Aid Submission
  • Starting Query: Base> All Constituents  
  • Return Type: Journal Entries 
  • Criteria: Match all criteria
  • For the fields:
    • Pull out the field: ‘Transaction Gift Aid Claimed Date’
    • Select the date you claimed your Gift Aid On (The date entered during mass update)
    • Select field Journal Entry Types- Gift, Payment, Split Transaction, Recurring Gift​
  • Click Save
Now you can export this:
  • Click on Management and select Standard Exports  
  • Select Gift Aid Export for Charities Online:
  • Select your query Called Gift Aid Submission.
  • Select CSV File- Download:  
  • Click Submit, your file will then download into an Excel File Download. 

If you notice any reversed transactions are being included: 
Gift Aid Process.pdf

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