Before adding Consents to a constituent’s record, ensure that Consent Options have been configured. For more information, see How to configure consent options in Raiser's Edge.
To add a new consent record in Raiser’s Edge:
  1.  Open the desired constituent record.
  2. Click the Consent button in the bottom center, next to Solicit code:
  3. Click New Consent.
  4. In the window that comes up, enter the Channel, Category, and Response. Ensure the combination that you enter has been added to Consent options in Configuration (see How to configure consent options in Raiser's Edge). 
  5. Add the Date of Consent given, Source, Consent statement, and Privacy policy as needed.
  6. Click OK to save and close.
Note: If an error is received, see Error: The channel/category combination doesn't exist. Choose a valid combination, when adding Consent Record
The ability to import Consent will be added to The Raiser’s Edge in a later patch in early 2018. This article will be updated at that time.

To add a new consent record in Raiser's Edge NXT web view:

1. Open the constituent desired constituent record
2. On the Consent tile, click Add


3. Choose your consent channel and click select
Note: You may choose more than one consent category at a time


4. Under your consent responses select the constituent response
Note: if a response cannot be selected, choose select by category and mark the category you wish to include



5.  Under the Detail section include additional information for this consent response
Note: Consent date is a required field 


6.  Click Save.

For more information on consent please review our help documentation.