Inserting rows into Constituent Update Batch with the insert key causes either the last record to be removed or errors with: Required field missing.

When inserting a row into the top of a collection field using the insert key in a Constituent Update Batch for a constituent with current contact information causes the error “required field missing” on address and phone numbers. When inserting into the email addresses collection field the last email address is removed and no error is generated.
Blackbaud recommends not using the Insert key in this method but rather use the tab key to browse to the next available line or browsing to the next available empty batch row to enter a new record.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Navigate to Administration > batch.
2. Create or use a Constituent Update Batch that includes the Phones, Addresses, and Email Addresses collection fields.
3. Populate the row with a constituent that already has multiple phone numbers, Addresses or Email Addresses.
4. Open either the Phone, Addresses or Email Addresses collection fields and press the insert key at the top row and enter any information.
5. Validate the batch. Note that Addressed throws the error “Required Field missing: Addresses”, Phone throws the error “Required field missing: Phone.” The Email address behaves differently, the last email address in the collection field will be deleted and no error is generated.


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