The reason for the issue is that at a high level, the ADU process first tries to calculate benefits that should be awarded to the Transaction.  In order to do that, it needs a Gift Type for the Transaction:  that is essential to determining what benefits qualify.  The ADU process cannot determine the Gift Type of a record without a valid Source, since the Activity Type plays into what Gift Type rules it uses and how they behave.  Uploaded benefits are handled after the awarded benefits, but the ADU does not get to that step because of the failure to award benefits. 

Basically, if the ADU process cannot calculate benefits, then it also will not upload any benefits. And it will not calculate benefits without a valid Source.

Steps to correct the problem:
If a Source is wrong in the file, the ADU process will not upload any Benefit information.  The Batch Detail records with incorrect Sources will have errors.  Here are the steps to correct the problem:

If all batches were not posted yet,
1. Undo the ADU.
2. Fix Source Codes in the import file.
3. Re-upload the files.


If some batches posted, (and no Undo ADU is possible)

1. Pull records that had a bad source from the ADU file.
2. Make a new import file
3. Fix the Source codes in the V3 file.
4. Delete the Batch Detail Records with the bad Source.
5. Upload the new import file.