This error indicates an eCommerce Store needs to be cross referenced. To resolve this:
  1. Identify the eCommerce Store name associated with the eCommerce Store ID Number
    1. Navigate to Fundraising > eCommerce
    2. Select the Stores tab
    3. Under the Name column, the store name and the ID number will display. Find the eCommerce Store ID number listed in the Summary of the QPM Error.
    4. This can be accomplished by entering Ctrl+F on your keyboard to bring up the Search window and searching the page for the ID number. If you have multiple pages of eCommerce Stores:
      1. Next to any eCommerce Store listed (it does not matter which one), click Edit under the Action column
      2. In the address bar, displaying the URL, find the parameter &store_id=####
      3. This is the eCommerce Store ID number. You will need to replace it with the ID number listed in the Summary of the QPM Error
        1. Highlight the existing store_id number in the URL
        2. Type the correct ID value
        3. Press enter on the keyboard
        4. Take note of the name of the store listed in the Enter a name for the store field
  2. Cross reference the eCommerce Store
    1. Navigate to Data Management > Luminate Configuration
    2. Click the Cross References button
    3. Click Configure next to The Raiser's Edge eCommerce Store
    4. On the Items Not Referenced tab, find the name of the eCommere Store identified in the first step, above
    5. Under the Actions column, click Create
    6. Select the appropriate values from the External Mappings section
    7. Click Finish
  3. Rebuild the errors