Error: Preparer has stopped working. Windows can check for a solution to the problem - after clicking display report and before viewing the Aatrix grid while creating 1099s

When working through the 1099 Preparer Wizard, a user may receive Error: "Preparer has stopped working" Windows can check for a solution to the problem,with two options of "check online for a solution and close the program, or close the program. Then the program closes.

If your database is hosted by Blackbaud: Click Chat with Support and reference this article.

If your database is not hosted by Blackbaud, locate and rename the Company.ini file found within the Aatrix history file on the workstation: 

A. Log out of The Financial Edge 
B. If you are unsure of where the Company.ini file is located, determine the location of the History folder which contains this file on the workstation first using these steps:
  1. Open the workstation's File Explorer or My Computer
  2. In the address field at the top, delete the current address and type"%temp%", then Go.
  3. Select to open the Aatrix Temp folder.
  4. Right click the Config.ini file and click Open
  5. Look in the file for the line "CompanyDir=" > This shows the path to the Aatrix history folder on the workstation. Example: C:\Users\[Username]\AppData\Local\Aatrix Software\Aatrix Forms\Blackbaud\11-1234567\
C. Once you confirm the file location of the Aatrix History File and Company.ini file, copy and paste the location into the file explorer address bar or browse to that location and hit Enter or Go to open that folder
D. Locate and right click to rename the Company.ini file Companyold.ini. This ensures it will be recreated the next time the 1099s are displayed.
E. Close the file explorer and log back into The Financial Edge 
F. In Accounts Payable > Mail > Forms > 1099 Forms > Create a new parameter
G. Fill in the required information and click Display Report
H. Proceed with the prompts clicking Next as needed until you reach the Aatrix Grid


Steps to Duplicate

Steps to Duplicate:
1. Accounts Payable > Mail > Forms > 1099 forms
2. Open parameter for 2017 1099's or create a new one
3. Enter required information and click Display Report
4. Clicking next through each section, enter payer information, tax payer type, state and local tax items, data verification, recipient identification numbers
5. The system then attempts to pull up the Aatrix Grid
6. Error occurs

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