Unable to change the Page Wrapper associated with my TeamRaiser event?

I would like to change the wrapper associated with my TeamRaiser event. However, I am unable to see it for selection. 
First, you want to make sure the custom Page Wrapper is in the same security category as your TeamRaiser event. If this is the case, try to select the Page Wrapper in another internet browser. If you are able to select the Page Wrapper, then you will want to clear the cookies and cache in your original browser and select the Page Wrapper.  If the above does not allow you to see/select the appropriate Page Wrapper, please contact support and reference this article number. 

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Navigate to Fundraising > TeamRaiser
  2. Enter the name of the event
  3. Click Search
  4. Under the Actions column, click Edit
  5. Click Customize Pages on the left panel
  6. Under Related Actions click Customize Wrapper and Styles.
  7. You can now select your custom Page Wrapper, or continue to use the default.

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