Address missing for event registrations in the plugin

You are reviewing event registrations within the NetCommunity plugin. Under the Donor Information column, you may see the registrant's name, email or phone number, but the address is missing. 
You may see the address on the record after processing the transaction, but not while in the plugin. 
We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information.

Note: this only seems to be occurring for paid event registrations using the new event registration form, not the classic form. This does not appear to happen on the Event Registration Form Classic or for Free Events on the Event Registration Form non-Classic.

The address information is being stored in the background and can be seen a few different ways:
  • Process the transaction out of the plugin and open the constituent within the Raiser's Edge
  • While in the plugin, click Find Constituent, which should open a box with a Preferred Address tab
  • If the constituent isn't linked or is a new constituent, click Create New>Create Constituent and Edit>Addresses tab

Steps to Duplicate

On the website
  1. Navigate to the event registration form
  2. Select a quantity that has a fee and click Continue
  3. Enter required information on step 3, including Address, and click Continue
  4. Ensure Billing address is entered on step 3 and click Complete to submit transaction
In the plugin
  1. Open the Raiser's Edge
  2. Select the NetCommunity plugin
  3. Click the link for Event Registrations
  4. Locate your event registration that you submitted
  5. Note: Address information is missing
  6. Click Create New>Create Constituent and Open the Constituent record
  7. Note: we can see the address is within the Addresses tab

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