To add Advisor access to these reports:

As Gradebook Manager or Platform Manager:
  1. Navigate to Analyze> Reports
  2. Click on Report Admin.
  3. Use the 'Report Search' function to locate 'Cumulative Grades [E]' and 'Assignment Grades w/ comments [E]' respectively
  4. Click on the Role link to the right of each.
  5. Select Advisor from the Available Roles box.
  6. Click Add to Group, then click Save & Exit.
Then, as the Advisor, when you view the individual student assignment page, you will see the following list of reports:

Reports in individual student 'Assignments' tab

The report will open in a new browser tab and is generated for each individual student.  Grade Access must be set to display to Advisors for the report to run effectively.  

Click here to learn more about setting up Grade Access.
Note: If you would like to see other [E]mbedded Advisor reports that you can use 'Report Admin' to give access to, please see: Gradebook report for Advisors