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The Description goes here, keep it conversational. This should NOT be a copy/paste of the Title. For example the Title could Changing Grades and the Description would be " As a Grading Manager I am trying to change a Students Grades"
Here is where you can type in the Procedure, Best Practice etc.
  1. Use numbered Steps if applicable
  2. This way you know which is step 1,2 etc
  • Use Bullets when needed
  • If you have to list items with bullets
  • If including navigation for steps use the following format:

navigate to:
Core > Settings > Web App Style

Do not use bold or change the fonts/sizes unless you need to draw attention to a specific piece of the article. Do not bold every step, button etc

For action Items please use the following:
Mark and Un Mark for checkboxes
Select for Radio Buttons, Dropdowns and Menus
Click for items such as Buttons and Links

Steps to Duplicate


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