Acknowledgement Emails missing from NetCommunity tab on Constituent Record

You are viewing a Constituent record in The Raiser's Edge. Under the NetCommunity tab, you see an Email/Newsletter section. You may see emails listed here, but you don't see an expected Acknowledgement email. 
Acknowledge emails will only show on the NetCommunity tab on a Raiser's Edge record if the constituent is logged into NetCommunity with their linked account to Raiser's Edge. If the constituent is not logged while filling out a donation, event or membership form, the acknowlegement email will not show here.

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Steps to Duplicate

  1. In The Raiser's Edge, navigate to Records>Constituents
  2. Open the Constituent in question
  3. Click the NetCommunity tab on their record
  4. Select Email/Newsletter from the left hand side
  5. Notice that Acknowledgement Email/s are missing

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