Financial Edge 7 (FE7) / Smart Tuition : Export Guide

We offer an integration between FE7 and Smart Tuition. These are the setup instructions for FE7 on Smart Tuition. 

If you would like to set up the integration for FE7 and Smart Tuition, please see the attached export guide for your needs. 
NOTE : The Day 1 settings are not yet available for school use. Please, direct request to switch on your day 1 settings through your support team first and provide the following information: 
  • In the “Tell Us About Your School” section select We Use Accrual Accounting
  • Enter your school’s Fiscal Year Start Month  (PROVIDE) 
  • Enter your school’s First Month of Incremental Billing Activity  (PROVIDE)
  • Your school’s Last Month of Incremental Billing Activity will be automatically entered
  • Enter your school’s Standard Recognition Period (PROVIDE)
  • In the “Tell Us About the School’s Payment Philosophy” section | We Use | Select Blackbaud
  Export Guide FE7 2-17.docx

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