There a few ways to determine if a transaction made was a Tribute (Honor/Memorial) Gift. 

If you want to just check on one or two transactions, you can view the Interaction Details on the constituent record of the donor to find this information:
  1. Navigate to Constieutn360 > Constituents
  2. Enter the name of the constituent
  3. Click Find
  4. Under the Actions column, click View
  5. Select the Interactions tab
  6. Under the 'Select the Interaction types to display for this constituent.' section, click on Donation
  7. Click Filter
  8. In the results listed at the bottom of the page, click on the blue hyperlink under the Subject column
You will see the Interaction Details display. Look to the 'Honor or Memorial Gift:' as well as the 'Honor Gift Type:' fields to know if the transaction was a Tribute Gift and of which type.

If you have several transactions that you want to confirm are Tribute Gifts, you can also run an Interaction Details Report and/or a Transaction Details Report. In both of these report types, on the Select Columns step, the Donor Information section will have an area for 'Honor, Memorial and Joint Gifts'. By marking the checkboxes for 'Is Honor Gift' as well as 'Honor Gift Type' you can get the information in this way as well.