New search tab is not showing up in Fundraiser on the Go in SP14

In the release notes for Service Pack 14, Fundraiser on the Go was supposed to allow for "County" and "Phone number" searches if these Constituent Search options are enabled. We've found that even after enabling the two search features, the application will still now allow for these types of searches. 
This functionality was added to CRM in Service Pack 15 but incorrectly added to the Service Pack 14 new features documentation. 

Steps to Duplicate

1. Toggle to Design Mode.
2. From Prospects, right click Search constituents and click Go to search list. The Search List: Constituent Search page appears.
3. Click Settings under Tasks. The Edit settings for Constituent Search screen appears
4. Select "Country" and "Phone number" under Available filter fields and click Save.
5. Navigate to the "Prospects" functional area. 
6. Click the "Fundraiser on the Go" under Prospect management. 
7. Copy and Paste the URL into a new tab. 
8. Attempt to search by "Country" or "Phone Number" in the search bar. 


 Blackbaud CRM

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