Can I set up Smart Aid logins for my co-workers/colleagues?

As a school administrator with an "Advanced School User" access role, you're able to create logins for your co-workers/colleagues.
1. Hover your mouse-cursor over "Settings" in the gray Navigation Banner and click "Manage Users."
2. Click the green "+" button in the upper-right corner of the "Users" box.
3. Enter the corresponding criteria for the new School User: first name, last name, user name, access role*, phone number, email address, school code, and password.  Be sure the "Active" toggle is set to "Yes."

*Different Access Roles are:
Read Only: Not able to access reports or parent applications.
School User: Cannot view HIL Profile information, supporting documents on applications, upload documents on the behalf of families, or edit the "Manage Users" page.
Advanced School User: Have full access to Smart Aid.

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