How to Create 1099s for Submission to the IRS FIRE Website

I need to create an electronic 1099 from FIMS to submit to the IRS FIRE system, how can I set this up and create these forms from FIMS?
To create electronic forms to be used to upload to the IRS FIRE site, complete the following steps:

1. Go to Tools\System Utilities\System Options\AP
2. Scroll down to the IRS fields.
3. In order to create 1099 and 1099R forms for electronic submission to the IRS the IRS_Electronic_Filing_1099 and the  IRS_Electronic_Filing_1099-R fields need to be set to Yes:

4. In order to create 1099 forms for electronic submission to the IRS there must be a directory set for both the 1099 and 1099R forms where these forms will be saved when they are created in FIMS. This is just an example of where they can be saved. Each organization will have a different set up as to where these are saved, some organizations may choose for these to be saved on the user's local computer, and others may choose a folder on a network location:

5. You will need to specify a name for the 1099 or 1099 R file you are creating, this can be edited for each year:

6. Additional fields are typically required by IRS such as Contact, Phone, EMail. These will need to be filled out for each form type; 1099 and 1099R. Many times you will receive errors from the IRS if these are not filled out:

7. In the IRS_Transmitter_Control_Code enter in your TCC number for the IRS. Typically most organizations have a unique number. We will not know that number, that is something that the IRS can tell you:

8. Go to Reports\Accounts Payable\1099 Vendor Report and Forms or other 1099 reports as appropriate enter in the criteria needed and click ok, typically the Fed ID, name, address and Phone need to be filled out so that they are included in the 1099 form:

9. Make any selections sorting needed or bring up a saved report and then click Run Report:

10. When the report opens, click on the link entitled 'Create Electronic File':

11. Click Yes here:

12. You will see the export results and where the file was exported to. This is file you will use to upload to the IRS FIRE website:




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