It is possible to give edit rights to users for the password field. This will only display if you are logged in as the user, and not impersonating. This will allow all users of the selected role to change their own password without further action on the part of a Platform Manager.

To enable this (for example, for the student role):
  1. Navigate to Core > Security > Profile Access > Profile Fields
  2. Select the 'Students' category
  3. Click 'Edit' at the top right
  4. Change the 'Password' field to the right-most (edit) radio button
  5. Click Save
Profile Fields

Once this is enabled, then, when a student logs in (not an impersonation) they can:
  1. Click on the user's profile picture at the top right
  2. Select 'Settings', which takes them to 'login settings'
  3. Click on the pencil to the right of 'Password'
  4. Change the password
  5. Click 'Save'
Student View