Error: An unknown error occurred - when editing a gift Acknowledgement or Receipt status in the RE NXT Web View

When changing or adding a gift Acknowledgement or Receipt status in the Raiser's Edge NXT Web View, the following message may occur when saving the change:

An unknown error occurred.
The message occurs when a user who does not have Edit rights to constituent records saves a change to the Acknowledgement and receipts panel. The change still saves to the Web View and syncs to the Database View if this message occurs. However, to address this error message, the user will need constituent record Edit rights. Review the following as needed:

To grant the edit rights in a security group that resolves the message:
  1. Log into The Raiser's Edge Database View with Supervisor rights
  2. Navigate to Admin > Security
  3. Locate the security group
  4. Double-click to open
  5. In the new window under Group Privileges on the left, highlight Records
  6. Click Options to the right
  7. In the new window Record Types, highlight Constituents (which must be checked)
  8. In the upper right under Constituents Privileges, locate the CONSTITUENT top row
    Security group setting
  9. In the Edit column of the top row. mark the checkbox
  10. Optionally, scroll down the column to mark/unmark other rights below the first row
  11. Click OK
  12. Click Save and Close
To change a user's security rights, please refer to How to set up security. (Note: If a user is in multiple security groups, permission in one group will override the restrictions in others. After this update, allow the update to sync to the Web View.)

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Log into The Raiser's Edge NXT Web View as a non-Supervisor user
  2. Open a constituent record
  3. Locate the Gifts panel
  4. Click on an amount in the list
  5. On the gift record, locate the Acknowledgements and receipts panel
  6. Click Edit at the top
  7. On the detail screen, make any changes
  8. Click Save in the lower left
  9. The error, An unknown error occurred, will appear above the Save button
  10. Click Close
  11. The edits made will still appear in the Web View and sync over to the Database View

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