AfterSave and Before Event for Record Manual Check is not firing

After adding VBA macro code for Check_BeforeSave and Check_AfterSave, no event is triggered when working with Payroll > Create Manual Payroll Check
This is working as designed and the check Before and After save events are only used for Accounts Payable manual checks.  There are currently no events that will trigger for a Payroll manual check.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. In The Financial Edge click Tools > Visual Basic for Applications
  2. The VBA IDE appears.  Click FE Code Wizard and select Check_BeforeSave and Check_AfterSave events
  3. Add a MsgBox to these events in the generated code
  4. Save and exit the VBA IDE. 
  5. In The Financial Edge > Payroll select Banks
  6. Choose a Payroll bank account and click "Create a manual Payroll check" under Payment tasks
  7. Complete fields and save the manual check
  8. NOTICE: Neither of the events configured earlier trigger.


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