Error Unable to connect to salesforce web service when Attempting to Run CRM to FIMS Sync

When running a FIMS CRM sync either manually or scheduled or reviewing SalesForce FIMS CRM sync logs, one of the following errors may occur.

Unable to connect to salesforce web service. (LOGIN) Error receiving web service Response: Call was redirected (11773).

Error: Sync to salesforce process did not run correctly. Unable to connect to web service. Try again later. 

Note that the sync is not successful.
This issue is resolved in 14.61 which will be released in May of 2018.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Go to Tools > System Utilities > FIMS CRM
2. Run the FIMS CRM sync
3. Note the error that occurs.
4. See also that after the scheduled sync runs that the error is present in the SalesForce logs as well.



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