Error Unable to Find the Database Name Entry in the Gifts INI File

When starting IGAM, the following error occurs, " Unable to find the 'DatabaseName' entry in the GIFTS.INI file."
This is due to the c:\windows\gifts.ini file on a workstation not having any database information.  It will look something like this:

[SQL Server]

When setting up or upgrading FIMS, run the Workstation setup as administrator to avoid this error. This occurs because there are insufficient permissions to the C:\Windows location for the user running the install, and therefore a gifts.ini file is placed in the VirtualStore instead. 

To correct this error for users who encounter it, do the following:

1. Navigate to the following location: c:\windows\users\<user name>\appdata\local\virtualstore\windows and look for GIFTS.ini
2. Open the file
3. Navigate to c:\windows and look for GIFTS.ini, open this file. 
4. If the 2 files are different, copy the content from the c:\windows file and paste into the VirtualStore file
5. If the 2 files are the same, re-run your workstation setup as administrator



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