BBIS Email links with & become &amp

BBIS email links which contain an ampersand (&) are being changed to @amp; when added through the link-picker and selecting the option for a link type of "other" 
Example: becomes

This does not occur when using link type of "http" or "https" 
We're currently evaluating this issue for a fix in a future release. 

  1. Create a blank layout on the site.  [one time, only needed once]
  2. Create a blank template using the blank layout created above.  [one time, only needed once]
  3. Create a page for each external URL needed using the template created above. Copy each page URL to notepad.
  4. Then under Administration | URL Redirects – create a redirect for each URL page.
  5. Insert this page in email template via “Create link to Blackbaud Internet Solutions page”.  The end result is that your link will go to a BBIS page, which will then redirect to the desired page. 

Steps to Duplicate

1. From BBIS navigate to Email>Messages.
2. Create or use an existing Message.
3. Insert a link>Create Other Type of Link>Use a URL with an ampersand>Insert.
4. Note the ampersand was replaced with amp.


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