There are several settings that can impact the connection between the card reader and the app. Please follow these steps in order until the issue is resolved: 
  1. Ensure the card reader is plugged in securely. This may require removing the case on the phone/tablet
  2. Ensure the user is on the Add a Payment screen in MobilePay when swiping the credit card. After entering the amount, tap Enter Payment, then it will ask to swipe the card
  3. Ensure the Microphone is enabled for the MobilePay app
    • For Apple devices this is under Settings > Privacy > Microphone
    • For Android devices this is under Settings > Apps > Application Manager > MobilePay > Permissions
  4. If using an Apple device, turn volume all the way up, making sure the sound switch is turned on. If using an Android device, turn volume all the way up, then down one or two notches
  5. Disable bluetooth on the device
  6. Ensure there is no debris in the audio jack
  7. Try swiping the card from left to right and right to left. The magnetic stripe should be facing the thick side of the reader
  8. Plug in a headset with microphone into the phone/tablet. If the audio does not work for another app or video, there may be an issue with the microphone on the phone/tablet. The card reader uses the microphone/audio jack to transmit the credit card data to MobilePay

We should also verify the Blackbaud MobilePay app and Blackbaud MobilePay readers are being used rather than a third party. Third party readers are not compatible with Blackbaud's app. Please see below for the app icon and an image of the readers.

If the card reader is still not responsive, please contact Support with the following information and reference this article:
  1. Does the card reader work when plugged into a different phone/tablet?
  2. Does another card reader work on the phone that the affected card reader does not work on? 
  3. On the Add a Payment screen, do any messages pop up on the bottom? (You may see something like “Please plug in the swiper device” or “charging device.”)
  4. Are you getting any error messages? If so, what messages?
  5. If this only happens on one mobile device, what is the make and model of the device, what is the OS version, and what is the version of MobilePay?