How to add multiple accounts to a fund

It may be necessary at times to add more than one account to a fund at one time. 
When creating a new fund, FIMS may prompt you to create General Ledger accounts for this fund. If you click no, you can still add General Ledger accounts based on the Fund Class. Any General Ledger accounts that are set to be included in the fund class specified on the fund will be created. You can confirm which accounts will be included in the Master Chart of Accounts.

To add multiple accounts to a Fund:
  1. From the Fund Module click File Maintenance > Auto-Build G/L Accounts
  2. Choose the fund or range of funds to have the G/L accounts added. 
  3. Choose the year for which the accounts will be created. 
  4. Click OK
FIMS will give an alert indicating how many Funds were affected and how many accounts were created. 




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