First, we will need to make a Grade Translation that the Activity will use

1. Navigate to onRecord->Settings->Grading->Grade Translations
2. Click on Add Grade Translation
3. Fill out general info - set the group type to Activities
4. Under "Grades", we just need two different grades - Pass and Fail. You can label them differently if you'd prefer or add more options, such as letter or numeric grades
5. Check off "Pass(earns credit)" for the pass selection. This is what triggers the credit to apply to a student's record. Click Save when done

Then we will need to create a Grade Category for this category, we will attach the Category to the Translation

1. Navigate to onRecord->Settings->Grading->Grade Categories
2. Click on Add, create a new Activities grade category using the translation we just made
3. Checking off translate on input and output is optional and up to you. Click save and exit

Next we will create Grade Plan

1. Navigate to onRecord->Settings->Grading->Grade Plans
2. Click on Add Grade Plan, populate the title field, press save

Next we will create the Grade Plan Grades

1. Navigate to onRecord->Settings->Grading->Grade Plan Grades
2. Click on the plus icon to add a Grade Plan Grade
3. Title the Grade Plan Grade, click save

Next we will create a Grade Plan Group
1. Navigate to onRecord->Settings->Grading->Grade Plan Groups
2. Select the Activities filter
3. Click view, then click add to create a new grade plan group for the criteria you filtered by
4. Fill out the title, click save

Next we will configure the grading items we setup in the grade year setup
1. Navigate to onRecord->Settings->Grading->School Year Setup
2. Apply the Activity filter
3. Click view, then on the right hand section you should see your terms
4. Click Add on one term, select the Grade Plan we created in step #10
5. Fill out the due date (last day of activity) and grading dates (when teachers can enter grades)
6. Number of grades will determine how many pass/fail fields will be accessible - if this is something you just want a simple pass/fail for, 1 is sufficient
7. Click on Next, select the grade plan grade you want to utilize as well as the translation table referenced in steps #1-5
8. Repeat steps #15-21 for additional terms/sections as needed

1. Navigate to onCampus->Procedure->Activity
2. Click on edit on the row with your Activity
3. Change the Grade Plan Group to the one we created in step #14
4. Click Save

The teacher of the Activity should now be able to view grading from the My Day->Schedule and Performance