What is the HistoryID?

What is the HistoryID?
The HistoryID is an attribute that can be added to the Report element in a PageDefinitionSpec.

​Example HistoryID attribute:
<Report ID="INSERT REPORT ID HERE" HistoryID="2018-05-11T22:54:10"/>

The HistoryID is specific to report snapshots. It accepts a DateTime value in the format:


The HistoryID of available snapshots can be pulled from the REPORTSNAPSHOT table. A simple select script will get you what you need:

select * from dbo.REPORTSNAPSHOT

A HistoryID column exists in the table and the values within that column will already be in the DateTime format above.

A snapshot of a report can be created under Analysis > Report explorer in CRM.

Supplying a HistoryID value makes it display the snapshot of the report based on the provided HistoryID value.


 Blackbaud Infinity SDK

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