The Update Recurring Gift Statuses Process Does Not Run When Scheduled

Users may find that when setting the Recurring Gift Status Update Business Process on a schedule, the job does not start and they may find an error similar to the following in the event viewer logs :

Error in BusinessProcessInvokeHandler ashx handler: 
An error occurred before executing the process 'Exchange Contact Synchronization Process' : Parameter set does not exist. Could not find Exchange Contact Synchronization Process parameter set with ID 8b3ee77a-9d70-455f-9438-4daa3d5ababb.

Upon review of the SQL Server Agent Job script, the BusinessProcessInvoke.ashx URL string was generated using the GUID for the Exchange Contact Synchronization Process instead of the Recurring Gift Status Update Business Process.

We are currently evaluating this issue for a fix in a future service pack. 

Steps to Duplicate

1. Navigate to Revenue > Update Recurring Gift Statuses 
2. Create a new Update Recurring Gift Statuses process
3. Schedule the process as One time with a time that is at least five minutes ahead
4. When the time has elapsed, check the process status and note that the process did not run and that the schedule is now disabled


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