Right to be Forgotten Global Change does not delete Wealth Point audit table information

In BBCRM Service Pack 16, the Right to be forgotten global change was added in compliance with GDPR. The Right to be forgotten global change purges audit data from any constituents in the selection used in the process. However, even if the 'Purge all active audit tables' checkbox is marked for the process, the Right to be forgotten global change is not purging Wealth Point audit table data for the constituents.
The 'Purge all active audit tables' will purge tables with a foreign key to the constituent table.  Any other tables can be purged using the 'delete audit data' global change.

Steps to Duplicate

1) Go to Administration > Audit Tables > Enable WealthPoint audit tables.
2) Create a constituent and add biographical/address information.
3) Run the WealthPoint screening process so the Wealth and Ratings page for the constituent has information.
4) Delete some of the information in the Wealth and Ratings area.
5) Run the Right to be forgotten global change process, with the Purge all active audit tables option checked, using a selection of just the constituent created in step 2.
6) After the process completed, go to the Audit table for the WealthPoint section that was added then deleted > Notice that the information is still present.


 Blackbaud CRM

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